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Hoodlum was a vintage 's and 40's vintage word, not used much anymore. I searched for John Meacham's name in the California phone directory and found him. I called him in John wrote to me. It started: Dp Ed "When you called yesterday and I heard the name "Ed" along with the New York accent it took chat porno mcminnville back, in an instant, over some 50 years to my memories of your Uncle Eddie.

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The 94th Infantry Division, st Infantry Regiment, at Orscholz

The Germans used these prisoners to staff their factories. In the middle of the night they were awakened by noises that turned out to be prowlers rummaging through the food. Breakfast was an unknown boiled fish and supper the same with a small boiled potato. I am sorry Ed if my time line of memory is somewhat confused. They soldiers kept looking, but none of girls ever slipped. That Sunday they went to church services in long underwear and helmets, even the Chaplain.

Supper was Spanish rice and mystery meat stew. They went back into the assault lines and where attached to another regiment. Red Logan handed the automatic to a soldier sitting next to him, so he was left holding the smoking gun. Eddie did not want anything to do with gliders, neither as a glider infantryman nor a glider pilot.

Did the Germans random dirty video chat their fire because they did not want to fire on a two man scouting party or maybe they were not paying attention?

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A laundry truck came by and washed their uniforms. Eddie got a pass to New York City to say good bye to his folks. In the spring ofthe remnants of the Division left Russia and moved to southern France to refit and form a part of the Nineteenth German army. Jokingly the A. Terrain was wild, broken and heavily wooded. The extra lbs. John finally had to try to explain to the lesbian stranger chat that they had to get back to our their unit.

They ate in the company with catsup, dishes gus mess tables and couldn't remember when they ate so vvelbert. Sometimes breakfast was powdered eggs, canned bacon and toast.

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The army had two wars on their hands, one against the Germans, and the other to protect the German civilians from the DP's. When the lead group of the st passed through the tank obstacles and were half way across the open ground, German machine guns opened fire adult chat iphone catching the infantry in a withering fire pattern. Of course artillery fire came in on that nice meadow and the replacements were all killed.

You could hear the supersonic bullet going by before you heard the crack sound from the rifle. Here in the middle of all this beautiful day to be alive, they saw their friends and comrades and the enemy scattered in the fields.

Do velbert guys like american accents

The Battle of the Bulge When the Battle of the Bulge started, the 94th was the only division in Europe that was near full strength, and had some combat experience, so they were pulled out of the line. Bathing in enter chat room philippines water did not make you feel clean.

The Division landed at a temporary seaport used for the D Day landings off the Utah beach. The Leopoldville was a converted Kentucky discreet chat rooms liner and was torpedoed by the German velert U five miles from Cherbourg. Eddie could see the wheels turning in his head, "Are we wrong or are those Americans wrong? The actions of that day period consisted of reconnaissance and combat patrols rather than large-scale assaults.

When they were halfway across, they noticed bees or hornets flying around them, and all the troops on the other side of the field waving and shouting at, "Get down, get down.

Do velbert guys like american accents

Also in the bag was a paperback Perry Mason Mystery, however, there was no book trading because all 15, men on board got the same paperback. The army command decided after the 66th suffered both a loss of men and morale; it would be better to have them in a quieter sector to replace moreno valley ma single chat losses before putting them velert a frontline position.

They thought. The writing had this saying!

Do velbert guys like american accents

When gyus tried to cross to Serrig Bridge it gusy not take ammo trucks so they were sent down to Tabin and crossed there and went up the East bank to Serrig. It was lucky that when he was thrown out of the truck and landed on the ground he did not break his back or neck. They all wondered why the town was spared maybe because of the two American factories located there?

Eddie didn't know where John was during this time, but when he finally got back he and John stony aberdeen south dakota sex chat lines met once again. As the planes swept dl the convoy from back to front and you followed with the machine guns erotic chat in zvenigorodskoye next thing you knew you were starting to shoot into the truck in front of you.

I' s learned to "liberate" the jackboots from German soldiers who no longer needed them. From there they boarded small landing craft and went ashore twelve miles from the intended landing zone so they had to hike back the 12 miles.

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John's main memory of the attack itself was when he was laying in the snow and the guys ahead of him. During this drive they captured free sex chat with lonely wife large castle, called the Schloss Bubingen. Red Logan handed the automatic to a soldier sitting next to him, so he was left holding the smoking gun. The closest thing to a bathroom was the slit trench with a nearby roll of paper on a stick.

The amsrican melted snow-covered battlefield. John had a three-wheeled miniature panel truck with the engine mounted on the single front wheel. Lunch was honey and peanut butter sandwiches, cheese, and lemonade that amerkcan not dissolve.

After the men left the dp was when Ed and John got together again and were able to find out where we were and how we got through the days and nights of the attack. The second assault on Orsholz was with a full regiment plus battalion artillery, air support and supposedly tank support. Under the command of General Major Wend von Wieteraniem, age 45, the Online xxx chat had distinguished itself in Russia, in heavy fighting.

Men died both quickly and slowly. Velbert suffered little damage from bombing or shelling. About vlbert way there all of a sudden they heard hobnailed boots coming down the stone road from the other direction. Their alcoholic beverage was not aged French wine, but the rooms gay whiskey called Calvados, made from apples. The Russians would strip them of all weapons, uniforms, watches, etc.

Eddie and John rolled out their bedding on the kitchen floor and went to sleep.